New region Africa and Middle East

Noticed that countries like Jordan, UAE, Morocco and Israël in Africa and Middle East are part of Asia Pacific on the website.

It is proposed to introduce a new region for Africa and Middle East. See map below.

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Well, to be fair, with the exception of Morocco, those countries ARE in Asia. Though clearly not the “Pacific” part of it (neither geographically nor metaphorically :smiley: ).

Frankly, I’d consider classifying the Moroccan superchargers as “European” even though geographically they clearly aren’t. It seems pretty obvious to me that Tesla’s expansion there is more geared towards European Tesla drivers who come across on holiday with their cars from Gibraltar/Cadiz, rather than being for local owners. But I’m not sure whether this point is really relevant.

Discussion on whether to create an African and/or Middle East & North Africa (MENA) regions seems fair. Especially as Turkey (another western Asia or MENA country) seems slated to get a number of supercharger sites in the nearish future as well.

It;s a pitty there was no editor feedback whether this is considered or planned.

Hey, sorry about that.

@chuq, what’s your take on this? :slight_smile:

Personally, I think it’d make sense to create a new region, but it’s up to you.

Yes, I agree that we should have a Middle East region. My preference is that we mirror what Tesla does, to avoid creating inconsistencies between our data and theirs. They currently do not have a region for Africa:

$ grep '"region"' source-tesla.json |sort|uniq -c
1444     "region": "asia_pacific",
1061     "region": "europe",
  33     "region": "middle_east",
1914     "region": "north_america",

Tesla places Morocco in the “europe” region.

Adding the new region to the database is easy, but I need some time to test that it won’t break anything else on the site. I’m still a tad anxious about making changes to the backend api.

I’ll try to get this rolled out soon.

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Thanks for the reply. I understand your principle although Tesla is geographically incorrect and they will correct this in the future. Large companies have a similar regional setup with Africa and Middle East. Time will tell. Success with the addition.

I always thought that Middle East was the same region as Europe - based on the maps at - Supercharger | Tesla Australia

But if that doesn’t align with what @corywright has found above, then by all means use that one!

Note - in some data shared by Tesla/Elon, there have been four groups, with North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific being three, and China being its own one. This might be a different kind of data…

Although note we have previously seen that Tesla’s China data is well segregated from everywhere else - see the Tesla China supercharger map for an example.