New planned superchargers in Czech republic

Hi all. I have requested the editor to add/update superchargers in the central/east europe.

I would like to announce that superchargers which are already in the tesla superchargers map are under construction.

Namelly supercharger:

  1. in Lovosice (in tesla map located near Ústí nad Labem)
  2. České Budějovice (in tesla map as budweis;)

The first one should be f8nished this year and second in Q1 2021.

Enjoy the charging…


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Can you send the addresses for each?

50.504630, 14.051729 site with Ionity
8 stalls
go live january 2021

České Budějovice
8 stalls?
Go live 1Q/2021

Article mentioning it


Thank you for letting us know. Lovosice has been added as PERMIT (although we did not really see a permit) since a location was given. If a location for České Budějovice is known it can be added as well.

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We’ll keep you updated.

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Is Czechia or Czech Republic the correct name of the country now?

The official name is the Czech Republic. It’s also the most used name.

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Location is wrong! The correct location is here!°30’41.3"N+14°03’09.3"E/@50.5108291,14.0519253,18.7z/data=!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x470980115104caf7:0x400af0f661564a0!2s410+02+Lovosice!3b1!8m2!3d50.5150429!4d14.0510416!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d50.5114779!4d14.05259


Thank you! The location was corrected.

Hi All,

The Lovosice is in Construction… Can you please change it?
The Ceske Budejovice is permitted and partially started the construction work.



Is Tesla material on site (i.e. sockets)?
Sites in PERMIT status are only set to construction, if they are really working on the superchargers (i.e. sockets delivered or placed) and not if there is only preparation work going on (i.e. setting up a construction fence or digging a hole).

Photo from Lovosice - IONITY and Supercharger at the same place


Supercharger Budweis is coming soon. 8 x V3 (?)


Should’t Budějovice be running by now?

Any news on this site?
It is the missing link between Scandinavia/Berlin/Dresden and then Prague/Bratislava/Budapest.


Lovosice construction is finished, only Tesla components are missing for now. Photos are to be found at Supercharger Europa - #48 by Lobo - Tesla Supercharger - TFF Forum - Tesla Fahrer & Freunde


České Budějovice (Kamenný Újezd) is running. I was there two weeks ago and it seemed to be finished, but I was missing the CCS adapter and could not test it.
Now (since today?) it is in the in-car navigation system with 8 stalls usable, but not yet on the website.

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Thanks for the confirmation. We marked Kamenný Újezd as open last week based on this post.