New install

New Supercharger installation under way off exit 67 NJ GSP.
It is at a WaWa. 8 stalls. Spoke to one of the installers and he claims it
is going to be V3. Will keep you updated as work continues.


Nice find! I doubt it’ll be V3, but that would be cool. We’d get to see any noticeable hardware differences. Looks like this is the relevant info for this site–

Barnegat Township Supercharger
(Wawa) Address: 945 W Bay Ave.; Barnegat, NJ; 08005

GPS location of stalls: 39.759418, -74.253461

EDIT: I started a thread for this location (linking back to @Jersey’s opener) on TMC: Supercharger - Barnegat Township, NJ

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