Montélimar extension 12 stalls France

Yesterday a waitress working in the ibis hotel next to actual Montélimar France V2 superchargeur say me that 12 stall are under construction located in the same parking. I join pictures of earthwork in progress. Nice news !
I haven’t more informations.


Somebody can add the supercharger on the map?
I can’t do it … I don’t know why …

I’ve added the 12 new stalls to the existing entry for Montélimar. :slight_smile:

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Old 14 superchargeur are V2.
New 12 superchargeur are V3.
I don’t know if it’s possible to make a difference on the map to explain they are two differentes version of SUC.
Thanks a lot


Thank you.

Unfortunately, we can’t make the distinction between v2 and v3 stalls on the map. All we can do is enter the total number of stalls and the max. power.

It’s great to see that Tesla is adding so many chargers along the main North-South autoroutes in France.