London Gateway Services, M1, UK: Permit

Hi, first post on here. A great facility for sharing Supercharger updates!

Planning permission has been granted for a Supercharger at the London Gateway Services on the M1, UK. I came across this in an owner’s group and posted some details on the SpeakEV forum. In fact the planning went through in May last year but I only just found out about it. Details below:

Coordinates (to 4 s.f. using Google maps, based on planning drawings): Lat: 51.630700, Long: -0.265000
(Should plot at the edge of a car park at the London Gateway motorway service area)
Size: 32 bays
Remarks: Planning application initially filed 23-Mar-2018, revised 14-May-18 and granted 18-May-2018. Close to the “Edgware - Coming Soon” pin on


Added, thx. Lets hope the Brits get more progress on this one. There are 3 other sites that has been under construction for more than 2 years!


Thanks! Agreed, hoping for a bit more Supercharger construction progress in the UK in 2019. Last year a few new sites opened but the equipment for all of them was delivered in 2017 so it has felt like things were grinding to a halt. The record-breaking Brighouse location has long been a source of frustration for drivers in that area as it’s been held up for so long (apparently a land dispute preventing access to the power supply). At least Tesla apparently haven’t given up on it yet. And a couple of the UK owners have indicated that some new sites are close to being started so hopefully more pins can be added in the coming months.