Las Vegas: potential duplicate Alta Drive vs Tivoli Village

The Tesla website lists:

but makes no mention of a separate Alta Drive Las Vegas supercharger.

In the DB:
ID 1986 does not have a location ID
ID 1981 has the location id lasvegastivolisupercharger

It’s not an error or duplicate. The superchargers listed on as the “Alta Dr.” location are in the valet parking section of Tivoli Village, while the normal superchargers listed as “Tivoli Village” are in the underground garage parking there. Tesla just doesn’t show the 2 stalls in the valet area.

Thanks for the clarification, my apologies.

If you want I can delete the thread altogether.

No need to apologize, people trying to help curate or improve the database is good. In future though, I would recommend following the “discuss” or “forum” link for any potential anomalous site first. Often things that seem wrong or weird are easily explained with a cursory check on what’s already been said or shown about a location.