Include Open to non-Tesla NACS (IE: Ford/Rivian) as an attribute on a charger?

Can we include Open to non-Tesla NACS (IE: Ford/Rivian) as an attribute on a charger?

I’d like to see how this looks over time. Only v3+ is open to ford, but not all of them.

Yeah this is coming.
We have started testing a new version of the site with NACS and other new features too. Once testing is completed and we have added the NACS data we will be releasing it.
As Elon would say.
2 weeks.


It would be nice if there could be a different icon for NACS chargers only open to Tesla vs NACS chargers open to other EVs (currently Ford+Rivian).

I agree. For example, there are two sites in Lynnfield, MA. The old V2 site is only compatible with Teslas. The new V3 site has MagicDock. The new V3 is listed with an “other EVs OK” symbol and with NACS and CCS plugs with a MagicDock label. The V2 site is also listed with 12 NACS plugs. However, whether NACS as J3400 requires CCS coms and ISO15118 or not, V2 sites are not really NACS compatible in that they won’t charge any of the coming NACS non-teslas. It might be more clear to label V2 sites and V3 sites without CCS coms as Tesla only or maybe as “NACS (Tesla Only)”. A charger labeled with NACS should mean it has CCS coms and can charge any vehicle with a NACS>CCS1 adapter or native NACS port. Even if V2 sites still have NACS physical connectors I think it would still be more clear to not label non-CCS coms plugs (V2s) as NACS. Even Tesla doesn’t label V2s and non-CCS coms V3 as NACS on Find US.

Additionally, there is another V3 site just up the road in Danvers, MA that is CCS enabled and labeled by Tesla as NACS compatible with an adapter, but on it is not listed with “other EVs OK”. It might also be useful to have two labels for the “other EVS OK” label, one for CCS adapter needed and one for no adapter needed.

And I just realized that none of the NACS chargers in MA are listed as open to non-teslas on except for the only two MagicDock sites which only opened this week. I hope this is updated eventually.

That is how we how we are arranging our data. There is still a bit more data to sort through and dev changes for us showing the Others EV via NACS-CCS1 adapter.

99% of our viewers will not understand/appreciate/care giving the plug difference between TPC and NACS (so we will likely just call them by the common name NACS when in print) even then it is not entirely clear which V3 with the "tesla port’ are NACS compatible or for a way for us to know especially worldwide.

Currently we only list the truely open to other EV’s in North America as those with magic docks.

The adapter NACS will likely be implemented via another filter option for these EV’s with adapters.