Historical Maps?

Is there a way to get a picture or screen capture of a map that shows what stalls existed on a given date? I think this would be a good tool for understanding visually how things have grown. Thanks.

Yes, click Map Options > Way Back. Unfortunately since changing over from Google Maps to OSM, not all the features have been ported over (yet) so this is not available right now. What the feature did is it would start with an empty map and add one station at a time with its info popped up on the screen and the date opened shown at the top.

If this is brought back, I’d suggest that instead it should increment month by month (or let the user choose how large an increment of time as well as speed) and show all the new locations per increment prominently (instead of having multiple info pop up boxes). This way you can get a sense of the acceleration in network expansion at any given date.

In fact, this might be something I could work on considering it would mostly be client-sided code…

I remember when this used to work. Still, the problem was that there was no way to pause it and take a picture. Also, it would jump around the world, constantly changing the view if you were zoomed in (even on the slowest speed). If you wanted a detailed picture of the super chargers in the US on 5/6/17, for example. You couldn’t really get one. Doesnt work at all now though, as you mention.


If this feature gets returned, I’d also like for it to be capable of limiting by geographical region similar to what is offered in the dropdown menu for the data or changes pages (i.e. NA, Europe, Asia/Pacific). Having the map swing around so much always made me feel a bit nauseated.

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In the mean time, I found an alternative for this functionality.!/vizhome/MostSuperchargersVisited/Superchargersopenedbydate

You can select a date (on the right-hand side) and see all Superchargers opened by that date. It does not have an animated or progressive mode, but it makes it easy to compare different timeframes with the same map view (bounding box).

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