Hilden, Germany

Relavant info about the Supercharger Hilden, Germany:

Will open on the morning of 14.02.2020 with 16 temporary V2 stalls. 24h temporary toilets. At daytime mobile bakery shop (Mon-Fri: 7-19h Sat: 9-19h Sun: 9-17h).

More Pics:

Construction is going on in the business park at Autobahn Junction Hilden. An American Diner will be build. Would be a good location for a Supercharger:

Construction site found with preparations for EV chargers (pics). At that point still unclear if it is a Supercharger site:

More pictures of building material - still unclear if a Supercharger:

American Diner has problem with the building permit (due to a fuel station next to it?):

Construction workers confirm that it is a Supercharger site. 18 stalls with preparations for 22 more (=40 stalls). There will be a Café/Bistro.

Café/Bistro might be run by Roland Schüren aka EcoCarer who has a bakery with many charging stations not to far away:

Construction site sign that says that a office building with a Café/Bistro and bakery/production will be build there. Also there will be two wind turbines and two charging stations with solar roof build (additionally to the Superchargers?). Involvement of Roland Schüren aka EcoCarer confirmed:

Location will also get 20 Fastned chargers with 350kW:

Will get some Supercharger V3 stalls (not all 40 I guess, since those do not have Type 2 connectors anymore), Will open with 16 temporary stalls (V2?) on 14.02.2020 for the holidays in the Netherlands:

Offical Info from “Ladepark Kreuz-Hilden”:

15.02.2020 Official unveil of 16 temporary [V2] Superchargers
End of May 2020: Supercharger V3 / Fastned will open with about half of the planned chargers.
Winter 2020/2021: More chargers, new access road
End of 2022: Completion of 5 story building with Vertical Farm and offices.

All new information

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I just saw the InsideEVs article about this site: https://insideevs.com/news/447898/fastned-tesla-germany-largest-fast-charging-hub/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-rZwtejfdU

Do we need to update anything yet? Can any German speakers confirm? :slight_smile: The embedded video showed a lot of charging stalls with their covers off, a mix of V2 and V3, I’m not sure what combination of old and new units they are.

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Yes, opens tomorrow.
Source: https://twitter.com/fastned/status/1314107293475237891?s=21

Not sure on the V2/v3 specs.

I think it opened today (like now).

All V3 12 stllas for now

After seeing a livestream of the press event: I think you’re right.

According to this video there are eight V2 and twelve V3 Superchargers. In the future, when the neighboring gas-line is finished, they will add ten V3 superchargers and maybe also upgrade the V2 chargers.

Skip to 20:30


update now with 40 stalls… all additional stalls are v3


Thank you, Giles. It’s already in our database :slight_smile: