Google knows something we do not...

It seems Google somehow have access to information about when new superchargers will open. This seems to be the case for several new superchargers.

Search for placename supercharger:
Stathelle 15.05
Bussigny 20.05
Lærdal 22.05
Mo i Rana 05.06
Levanger 09.06
Mealhada 27.06

Probably more too, but what is the source?

It seems even superchargers not even under construction yet are listed. A search for Jaren supercharger yields nothing, but replace Jaren with the placename Tomter which is the “town” where Jaren is and google claims Tomter supercharger will open on 10.06.

I guess this means we should google for any supercharger locations we expect and see what Google knows…

Is this just for European Superchargers or can American searches yield the same results?

That trick doesn’t seem to work in the U.S. I also tried a bunch of Find Us map gray pin sites in Europe that have not been found yet and Google didn’t know anything we do not.

Sites I found are in Norway, Switzerland and Portugal. Have not found more.

Wish we knew Google’s source, we could then go there and see the list.



The thing to be careful of is that anyone can submit changes to Google Maps location items, and there isn’t really any validation done on Tesla’s end. It could just be random people putting in their own estimated dates.

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Is there a way to see what the source is for the information Google displays?

I have added information about the dates to the address field of a few sites. Let’s see if they truly open on those dates.

I do not think this is a good idea at the moment. The addresses are used to open the location on google maps. If you add those infos there the gmaps link does not work 100% anymore. For Bussigny I moved that info to the Hours field. It is not the best solutions but I think it is better than using the address.

Also it would be better if the gmaps link would use the GPS coordinates instead of the address.

I was unaware that the Gmap links was using the address. Agree completely that lat,long would be better - and also much more accurate. Several addresses on are a bit more descriptive to help the drivers find the supercharger, i.e. “1234 Streetname, next to ABC gas station” or “XYZ rest area, exit number 12 from A1”.

I really want to know the source of what Google show. Even Google (the search engine) don’t find anything.

I was able to find the Ytterhogdal Supercharger (Sweden), probably the “sveg” one. It’s supposed to open the 16th of mai. I also try other cities but was not able to find any not already known.

Also, most “construction” supercharger have a open date when searched on Google. Really strange. (it may be related to the new “charging” features of GoogleMap (at least on the beta mobile)