Frito Lay, Modesto, California

Just noting this here, but it seems that a lot of Megacharger installs are going to be at the customer locations, so it could be that there are few public ones - at least for a while.

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Yeah, like all of them, in fact. Tesla isn’t going to build a Megacharger network across the country/world like they have done with superchargers. No one in their right mind is buying the Tesla Semi for OTR trucking, it’s all for drayage/intermodal. That means pretty much the only places that will need Megachargers are ports, intermodal hubs, and company distribution hubs. They’ll likely build a few exception routes, like between the ports of LA/Long Beach and Oakland along I-5, and maybe eventually extend that up to Portland/Seattle. But that will very much be the exception.

The problem with the Semi for OTR use is that it’s not an workable vehicle for that use case until a very widespread and decently robust Megacharger network is already in place. Without that already available, you wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere and the truck would be a massively bad investment. This isn’t the same Chicken & Egg problem that Tesla faced with trying to sell passenger cars in the absence of a fast charging network before they built out the superchargers. The primary use case for the Model S, i.e. meeting your daily, local driving needs, was still able to be met even without superchargers, it was just a less capable car for the small subset of general users that needed it to do distance travel. And then, as Tesla built more and more superchargers, the cars gained more and more utility.