Filter enhancement

I wish to filter for just the sites that are not yet open. Whilst I can select sites that are open, have a permit or are under construction or any combination thereof but I cannot exclude those that are now open.

You can do this just select construction and permit.


Thanks but I don’t think you understood my intent. Your solution lists all that have a ‘Construction’ or ‘Permit’ entry but not just those that are yet to open. ie if they are ‘Open’ they are still in your filter. Try it.

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you give some examples?

Are you looking at the change log page and going back further in time to ones that are now open?
In that case you should look at the Data page.

(for the change log page there are some changes planned to make this clearer something like:


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My opening sentence read; I wish to filter for just the sites that are not yet open.
Print screens below have the same sites (first three rows at least) in both selections;

Aha I see.

You need to use the Data page rather than the Changes page.

This has caused a little confusion before as you are looking at the changelog and looking at it historically. Like I say we are working to make this a bit clearer.


Thanks for your help. I hadn’t appreciated the significance of using the Data tab as opposed to Changes tab. This does achieve what I was seeking.

Using the map and toggling off ‘open’ sites is a great way to visually see what is on the ‘Data’ (current state) page as well. I do this regularly so you can look at particular areas (large or small).