Fake news!

Please be a little dilligent in ensuring we have good sources before we “place a dot on the map”. There is a new supercharger listed for “Volda, Norway” at the moment that seems to be fantasy.

For blue dot:

  • Public records for building permit or adding/expanding local transformers with reference to Tesla supercharger needs
  • Information directly from landowner/business owner where the supercharger will come (and even these are sometimes confused and do not know the difference between a supercharger and a destination charger, a Tesla site or a Ionity site or other charging provider - do ask confirmation questions!

For under construction:

  • Pictures or first hand reports from someone you trust. Pictures/description should show/refer to Tesla equipment on site. Just an excavator and a hole in the ground can be many things.

For open:

  • Picture or first hand report from someone who has charged on the new charger. Beware that sometimes the power is turned off again until a later date.

So now: Can someone please either present good information on the Volda, Norway site or remove it again?

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Also in my opinion the “Power (kW)” value of the superchargers in permit or contruction-status should not be set to an expected value but left empty. As soon as the the supercharger is online and available in the in-car map we can take over the value from there. If you have a good reason to enter a value beforehand you should fill out the “Editor Notes”. This does not concern Urban Chargers and Superchargers V3.
If nobody has an opposing opinion I will start to remove power values form permit/construction sites in Europe soon.