Downloading supercharger data

It used to be possible to download the super charger location and open date data as a csv
Can chance you could make this available again?

It is available here in JSON format:


There are free tools available online to convert JSON to CSV.


Are there any attribution/restrictions on using the data in a free app? Perhaps some attribution to you and/or Patreon to help you pay for the maintenance of the data? (I didn’t see anything obvious on your main website.) Or is the data considered public domain? Thanks!

I believe the data is considered public domain. just collects it from various sources so that people can find all supercharger information easily. So there’s nothing wrong with relying on as a data source, and there are no strings attached. There are even multiple other apps that already use data, including on the Apple app store and on the web.

I would recommend letting people know the data comes from so they can use it on other devices (for example I use an app instead of this website when on my phone), but that is optional. And donations are completely optional too; most if not all funding is put towards expenses as far as I know.

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