Data table: solar canopy, battery backup, other ev's?

Where can I find the fields below in the table on the Data pages? Listed on the about page.
Is there also a filter for those 3 on the changes/data pages?

Other location icons on the Changes and Data pages

  • Solar canopy : Site is at least partially covered by a solar canopy.
  • Battery backup : Site includes battery backup power.
  • Other EVs OK : Site allows non-Tesla vehicles to charge - for example, locations with Magic Dock, and certain CCS locations in Europe.

Thanks for the feedback.

Filtering is the same on the Changes, Map, and Data pages - click the funnel icon at the top left:
Currently, you can filter on “Other EVs OK” using the “Vehicles” drop-down, but there’s no way to filter on solar or battery.

The 3 icons you mention don’t currently appear on the Data page, although filtering on Other EVs OK does work. There’s a pending change under development that adds those icons to the Data page alongside the Status icon. I’m not sure of the release schedule, but you can see it (with outdated data) at if you’re interested.

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Thanks for adding the icons on the data page, 2024-01-04

  • Added missing icons to the Data page - Other EVs OK, Solar canopy, Battery backup

You can filter on Other EVs, but not yet on the latter two options. They still seem to be missing.