Dakota Hotel Eurocentral (Motherwell?), Scotland (UK): Construction

GPS: 55.835800, -3.984500
Size: 12
Power: 120 kW (all UK sites still 120 kW AFAIK)
Thread: https://www.speakev.com/threads/reasonably-solid-information-about-forthcoming-superchargers.6225/page-101#post-2506706
TMC thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/superchargers-being-increased-in-scotland.142608/

I’m not sure what the best name would be for this location. It’s not near a “coming soon” pin, calling it Glasgow would annoy Glaswegians as it’s a fair way out of the city and only serves east / southeast routes. The postal town is Motherwell - 4 miles away.
12 bays reported from owners who’ve enquired at the hotel.
Site preparation first spotted 26-Jan-19 (area coned off).

GPS coordinates should plot at northwest corner of Dakota Eurocentral hotel carpark.


Location of the hotel DAKOTA EUROCENTRAL
1-3 Parklands Ave, Motherwell ML1 4WQ, Royaume-Uni
+44 1698 835444

Added as Motherwell. Will see if any locals disagree with this and change it later if needed!

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Thanks chuq! Construction has apparently started with trenches dug, power cables laid and a plinth built for the charger units. I’ve seen a photo of the work area on a private group but haven’t asked permission to repost here. Tesla crates weren’t in evidence on the weekend yet but a couple of different local owners have all indicated this will be a 12 stall Supercharger site before long. No doubt someone will post a photo on a public forum soon, especially now it’s on supercharge.info! It’s in my part of the world but a bit far to visit to see for myself for the time being.

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I should be out there for a look tonight


@chuq I asked some locals about the site name and although there were a few opinions, “Eurocentral” was the clear favourite. It’s not a name I’m familiar with personally (and nowhere near the centre of Europe!) but well known in the area. In addition, it’s listed on the neighbouring M8 motorway junction signs.

But best of all someone (not sure if it was you @ichorus ?) visited this evening and posted some photos showing six Tesla charging cabinets have been delivered, labelled “Eurocentral, UK”. So site name and start of construction confirmed (there is a photo on PlugShare now if you need something on a public forum) and six cabinets = a 12-stall installation.