Crawfordville, FL - New Supercharger

From a local Facebook group there is a new supercharger being installed in Crawfordville, FL. It is being installed at Rocky’s Wakulla, located at 3192 Coastal Hwy, Crawfordville, FL 32327.

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This a wish come true! I prefer to travel off the Interstate if I can, but it has been a challenge getting from Mobile to Tampa without heading up to Tallahassee to get a charge. My 2018 M3 LR is too old to use a CCS adapter & I don’t have the means to stay in an expensive hotel (in Apalachicola) with destination chargers, so use camp grounds when necessary. Thank you Rocky’s for hosting!

Crawfordville, FL

Host Type: Gas Station
Host: Rocky’s
Along Primary Interstates: None
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-98, US-319
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None


From: Panama City Beach, FL - 126.4 miles
To: Perry, FL - 54.9 miles
Diversion: 0 miles
From: Gulf Breeze, FL - 203.6 miles (Permit)
To: Crystal River, FL - 166.5 miles


From: Start (US-98 Apalachicola, FL) - 52.6 miles
To: Tallahassee, FL (v2) - 33.5 miles
Diversion: 0.1 miles
To: Tifton, GA (v2) - 119.1 miles

Splitter on US-98 and US-319.

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Stopped by Crawfordsville today, Feb 7th. No transformer, but looks complete otherwise. See attached photo.

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