Construction Days

I’m new to this site. Lots of great info, but I’d like to know what the “days” number means for a site in Construction status. Thanks.

Hi Dave, that’s the number of days since the site was set to “construction” status.

This can mean different things: If many people are keeping a keen eye on the site, it could happen within 1-2 days of construction work starting.

If it is a known Tesla supercharger site (e.g. previously found in permits) this can happen as soon as fences go up or crates arrive. However if we aren’t 100% - for example, if it might be another fast charger site, such as an ElectrifyAmerica site - we may wait until there is definite proof of it being a Tesla site.

Sometimes the site is only found when construction is already halfway through (or even nearly finished) in which case the “days” counter will be days since first spotted - e.g. a location could only be in “construction” status for a week or less before going live.

That datum is a counter for how many days this website has listed a location as having been in construction. It’s the same for a site in “Permit” status, only baselined to when someone found the location corroboration (usually local planning/zoning documents or a building permit application) instead of when physical signs of supercharger construction were first noted and reported.

Thanks chug and mociaf9. I’m keeping an eye on the Supercharger in Ojai, CA. This site is very helpful. Also, the Tesla map shows one planned for Ft. Smith, AR, but I haven’t seen this in the database. Planning a trip later this year through OK and AR, and Ft. Smith is definitely needed. Again, thanks!

Number of days “under construction” varies wildly. Some countries are efficient and can go from starting construction to open in 10 days or less (this is from the day the construction actually started - sometimes does not learn about the construction before it is almost done). There are also a few crazy cases where the process has run into problems - like I think it is the case for some sites in UK in the 600-800 days range of “under construction”. At these UK sites the stalls are there but wrapped in plastic. I think the transformer is missing or there are legal issues with someone else claiming exclusive rights to provide charging services at that location.

So - my point is - do not hold your breath for a site to open just because it is under construction. Especially not in the UK. Most other European sites under construction are ready within a month.

Chinese/Korean/Japanese sites are very rarely “under construction” nor “planned” as there seem to not be a culture to snoop around for this type of information. They show up when open.

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