Cle Elum, WA open date

“Change” view says “Update” to “Open” on 12/8.

“Data” view shows “Open” as 12/9. Viewing “Details” from the map shows open on 12/9.

Forum comment says successful charging on 12/8.

Should the “open” date be 12/8? I have noticed this on other superchargers as well.

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When editors change the status to OPEN they manually select the “open date” from a calendar. Seems like this was just a case of the selected date being off by one day.

Can easily happen as an editor can be on the other side of the day change line from the supercharger in question, or from the forum reporting it, among other complications.

That makes sense. We found it when we started comparing supercharger visit dates that people entered with supercharger open dates, figuring they made a mistake if they visited the supercharger before it opened.

We found that in some cases they visited the day it opened, but the “open date” in showed it as opening the next day. The forum thread would confirm that it was open when they visited, the day before the “open date”.

We simply fixed our validation to allow visits one day before the “open date” in