Changes tab graphics replacing text links

The Changes tab now has the links replaced by graphics.

This makes it harder to use since the graphics are smaller than the text was.

The link icons will be a bit bigger soon - the latest changes are on if you’d like to see a preview.

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Not sure if this is the same thing. I do like the Status Change column using icons very much. Although, it seems a bit sloppy visually, making it hard to read. I think if the formatting of the colmun was changed to “align right”, everything would line up nicely and be easier to see. I think it is “aligned left” as of now.

Coincidentally, that’s what we implemented (“align right”), but there’s a bug preventing it from showing properly for some people. The fix is already deployed to, or you can clear your cache or force-refresh the page. (I don’t like telling people they have to clear cache or refresh, but that’s the only option till we get the fix deployed to the main site.)