Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

A new Supercharger “Cagnes-sur-Mer - Est” has been added with 4 stalls.

There are 2 superchargers separated by 100-200m. Tesla website indicates just one, but on inside car screen, Tesla indicates 2 locations : the second one is called “Cagnes-sur-Mer Polygone Riviera P2” (near parking P2 of Polygone Riviera) and the first one is called “Cagnes-sur-Mer” (near parking P1 of Polygone Riviera). Each one has 4 stalls (= 8 for the two superchargers).

So, I suggest:

  • update “Cagnes-sur-Mer - Est” in “Cagnes-sur-Mer - Polygone Riviera P2”
  • update “Cagnes-sur-Mer” in “Cagnes-sur-Mer - Polygone Riviera P1” and 4 stalls instead of 8 stalls
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Thank you for your suggestion.
“Cagnes-sur-Mer” was changed back to 4 stalls and the name of Cagnes-sur-Mer - Est” was changed to “Cagnes-sur-Mer - Polygone Riviera P2”.

I am not sure about the suggested name change for “Cagnes-sur-Mer”. According to google street view “Cagnes-sur-Mer - Est” is in P2, but “Cagnes-sur-Mer” is not really in P1. Since we are now using the same names as Teslas trip planner website and changes might screw up the sync between ABRP and the CCS2 upgrade list, I don’t want to change more than necessary. Maybe Tesla will come up with a better name when they also separate those locations on their findus website.

OK, you’re right !

Does anybody know what the deal with Cagnes-sur-Mer - Polygone Riviera P2 is? The entry to that supercharger was blocked with barriers during opening times.

I now set the Supercharger to closed temporary. If anyone has newer infos about the situation, please let us know here.

Hello @ibuza,

Regarding the names:

I leave near those superchargers. I’ve been charging there a few times and the barriers where always there except once.
The barriers simply have to be removed by hand (or were they attached now?).

They don’t want anyone else to park there. Even though the big parkings (for every cars) are free for several hours…

I think you can leave it ON the website so we can see them on ABRP.

Thanks for letting us know. I reopened the site and added an explanation to the “Limited Hours” field: “You may have to remove barriers, even during opening hours.” Just one more question:
Do they close the gate so that those Superchargers are only available from 8 to 20h or are they available 24h/7?

There are several access to the several parkings from the mall, which should be open more than 8-20.
I’ll try to look next time I go there if there is anything written, otherwise it should be 24h.


For the “west”-Supercharger behind Polygone: There is an electric gate which closes at 20h but the Tesla nav will show you the access code to type in. When there are barriers (also at daytime) just push them away. So it’s 24h.

When you approach from Vence/St. Paul, the fastest way to get to the “west” Supercharger is to pass through the underground parking (free).

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Update: On October 12 I found that all 4 “west”-Superchargers have been removed!

The 4 Superchargers at Avenue des Alpes (near the main entrance of Polygone) are still there and are working normally.

Hm? Any pics of that

Okay, checked again today and in fact these 4 Superchargers have been moved from their previous location on that gravel space to the employee parking on the other side of the Polygone parking driveway. The position in the Tesla satnav is correct but they are difficult to spot from the road.

You have to open the barrier with the code, then it’s near the end of that parking on the RH side. It’s more convenient than before as you don’t have to move barriers any more.

The “Cagnes-sur-Mer – Polygone Riviera P2, France” location has been marked as permanently closed based on information from @J0kers in this post.

Updating this thread since the discuss link for that site points here.