Building Automation

Hello, was hoping you could give advice on setting up Automation. Were looking to Post updates of all New York Supercharger Updates to Tesla Owners New York State Twitter Feed. (I’ll make sure every tweet gives a special thanks to @superchargefeed with a tag) I’m working on it using Make, using The RSS Feed Updates How can I include number of stalls and kw like you do, in Tweets? Already have filter set up to do only North America, USA, NY updates.


We actually don’t use that RSS feed in our Twitter integration, it’s just the changes JSON endpoint. With our recent changes, you can easily select just the most recent New York changes as well with this URL:

If you want additional information from the site, you’ll have to join/merge each one with a site from the all sites endpoint by mapping the siteId field to the id field:


Ahh this is Great! But I actually just realized that it might be easier/better if I just set up an Automation to Retweet all your Tweets from @superchargerfeed with a NY Filter. That way they’re already in Tweet Format, and plus it credits you guys as the source. Only thing I notice with your recent tweets the ITTT URL Shortener Links are broken, you able to fix?

And I can also set up automation from Tesla’s Supercharger Twitter Page for openings as well, so I get best of both worlds. Permits, Construction, Openings from you, which you sometimes Scoop Tesla! And Openings from Tesla.

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