Bug Report - problem building route which includes Glendale - Cooper Ave, NY

When I try to build a route including Glendale - Cooper Ave, NY, for some reason any Supercharger I add after that does not get added to either the map Blue Line nor to the route details nor to the time or distance total.

For example try starting setting up this route:

Bronx - Bay Plaza, NY
Glendale - Cooper Ave, NY
JFK Airport, NY
Valley Stream, NY

It works if I start with Glendale - Cooper Ave as the first location, but not if it is 2nd place.

I’ve never seen this happen before. Do other people experience the same thing?

I tried closing the browser tab and reloading and got the same thing.

I’m using Chrome under Windows 7

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Strange. I just duplicated the bug. Using Glendale as the starting point results in no issues. Adding it to a route as the ending point is fine. But trying to add additional points after Glendale doesn’t work right. Though the subsequent locations are listed in “Route Details” as additional lettered waypoints, the routing doesn’t actually calculate any further stops and stays stuck with only the number of legs leading up to Glendale. If you reorder the stops by moving Glendale to later in the route, it will properly calculate the new route up to Glendale then fail for anything past that. Manually moving Glendale earlier (but not first) in the trip doesn’t work as it won’t recalculate unless Glendale is the last stop or the first.

I’m on Windows 7 with Firefox 78.0.1

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It looks like the issue is what I suspected. The routing engine returns “No route found” and if you zoom in enough you can see why Glendale can’t be a middle leg in a larger route:


It’s probably wise for someone to edit the area on OSM to create a sort of “diamond” to connect the two ends of the one way roads for routing purposes since inside the parking garage the two lanes almost certainly merge again (I’m assuming the supercharger is in a garage).