Bug report- Inconsistent map loading(?) beahvior


Clicking on a location from the “Changes” or “Data” pages will switch to the map, but it doesn’t always take me to the location that I clicked on. Sometimes it works, but other times not. I’ve noticed that where it will end up is usually close to but not exactly where I recently had the map open to previously.

For example, on a prior visit I last had the map open to the Columbus, OH area. The next time I visited the site, I clicked on National Harbor, MD from the “Changes” page. It opened the map, briefly flashing the last location I had it opened to (i.e. Columbus), then greyed out as it loaded the new location. Only instead of loading the area around the National Harbor site, it loaded a view a few hundred miles from Columbus. When I zoomed out, I could see that the National Harbor site’s flag with the site specific information/links was opened as it should have been, but the map didn’t initially load the correct new location.

This has happened a few different times, but isn’t always repeatable. Some visits clicking from Changes or Data will take me to the correct site and sometimes it won’t. I’ve no idea how and OpenStreetmaps communicates, but a possible guess from a non-programming literate person: If there is a communications lag between sending the information and loading the maps, maybe the maps are sometimes being loaded before they receive the correct location?