Braintree, UK

6 Tesla Superchargers to be included as part of Gridserve’s Electric Forecourt development, officially confirmed today by Gridserve today. Almost certain to be V3 250 kW. I lined up the site plans on Google maps and estimate the Tesla bays will be located at (51.852600, 0.522400).

This has its own thread on TMC:
Also links to planning docs showing the site layout etc. are included in the UK Superchargers thread, e.g.

They are targeting opening November. It’s not clear if the Superchargers are actively being constructed but I’d class this as “under construction”. Looks like a promising deal and Gridserve have planning applications for two further sites in SE England with an expectation that Tesla, as a technology partner, will have charging bays at both.


Some screenshots to show how the GPS location lines up:

(Site layout is from the original planning application, ref 19/01092/FUL; later revisions have indicated the Tesla bays will be on the eastern set of parking spaces shown.)

Braintree Pin location

Braintree Site Layout location

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Added. Used Geo address with partial postcode until confirmed

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