Amount of stalls (seem) incorrect

I live in the Netherlands and travel a lot to Norway and Sweden. So I know Norway and Sweden have a lot more superchargers than the Netherlands.
Your charts show only the Netherlands mentioned as high volume superchargers but not Norway and Sweden.
Checking the data listing shows the Netherlands with 1 page and both Norway and Sweden with a lot more data, somewhere the graph is missing correct info content

Hi @Jean7007, where are you seeing this?

The Charts page shows Norway with 84, Sweden with 54 and Netherlands with 35.



Here :

Sweden has 60 stalls,
Norway has 99 stalls,
Norway should be mentioned in between Canada and Sweden in the chart, right?

That’s just an issue with the display settings squeezing the graph and the font size needing to be large enough to be legible making it so that not every country can be listed by name at the bottom. If you resize your display (not sure if this is possible on mobile) so that the graph is larger, more country names will appear along the bottom. But, even if you don’t do that, when you hover over each bar of the graph, it will show you the country name attached to that bar. Norway is there.


Thank you for the answer. Indeed, resolution on ipad and iphone….