Al Ain, UAE

There is an additional supercharger station a 4 stall v2 (up to 150W tesla say, other sources may vary)
It located in the car park of the
Aloft Hotel,
Al Ain Square,
Al Towayya,
Al Ain,
United Arab Emirates

24.24431, 55.71567
It is already on the tesla findus page as open (and probably has been for a while)

This is different to the Al Ain Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium Supercharger in the same area on Al Za’eem St. Al Ain. (that address could be changed to add the street name) Being a V2 it is probably a much older one that got missed than a brand new one.
This addition will make the superchargers 10 locations in UAE which is all the ones on the tesla site open.


Thank you, I’ve made the changes you suggested.

Please note that the new location in Al Ain is not in our changelog (because it doesn’t seem to be a “new” location), but it’s in the database and on the map. :slight_smile: