Additional status types

Now that the code is opened up to everyone, I thought I’d see what people thought of these suggestion:

  1. Split “closed” into “temporarily closed” and “permanently closed”
  • Temporary could use the existing grey icon
  • Permanent could use a black icon for the first couple of weeks then automatically disappear
  1. A “stale” icon for under-construction or permit sites which have stalled or even been reversed
  • Icon: A construction cone / blue dot with a cobweb? : (does that get too complicated? :slight_smile: )
  • This status would apply to (e.g.):
    • #1192 - Fremont-Kato Rd, CA (the one that has been in half-built state for years)
    • #955 - Statesville, NC (thread suggests this has been “replaced” by the Hickory NC location)
    • I think there was another under construction site that needed this but can’t think of it from memory.
  1. An “expansion” icon. Either expansion in progress, expansion recently completed, or both.
  • Icon: A red dot with an orange plus sign in the corner?
  • Once the upgrade is complete the icon would remain for a couple of weeks, the go back to a normal red dot.
  1. A “private” icon. Sites which exist but are not generally accessible to the public for various reasons.
  • Icon: Variant on the “limited hours” icon?
  • Example: #1305 Stockholm-Arlanda Airport; various Service Centre SCs.

Good ideas chuq.

I have just finished migrating (copy and paste) my private list of issues/improvements to the public github repository.

They can bee seen here:

Looks like I already had issues covering 1,3, and 4. Just added one for your #2 suggestion.

I think #1 is high priority and I’m going to try to work on it soon.

  1. Something to indicate that you have to pay for parking in addition to any potential supercharging costs. Icon could be a red dot with a dollar sign in the corner if that format is what is decided on for added info (like @chuq’s suggestion on the plus sign for expansion). Examples would be the downtown San Diego charger or various in NYC.

Though maybe this would also fall under #4 as just a different form of limited access.

Went ahead and implemented the distinct status values for temporarily and permanently closed.