Addition of video links

Hi all,
Zac and Jesse over at Now You Know have a site where people can upload video reviews of superchargers. It’s at

Basically people upload their videos to YouTube and submit the link to this site (which then embeds it)

They’ve run it for a few years, and during the week they asked their supporters if they found the videos useful. This week they mentioned that they guy who maintained this part of the site had left so there was no-one maintaining it. I kinda got the impression that they weren’t sure if they wanted to keep hosting it.

Could take on this role? It just needs an additional field added for a YouTube video ID. The video content itself would be hosted on YouTube and would not contribute to site traffic. It could be embedded but it could also be an external link.

Only downside is that the NYK site also lets people review destination chargers; I don’t know if there is any benefit to including those.

@keith has opened up the site source on github, so anyone interested and capable can submit a change through there.