Adding a field for whether a supercharger has co-located Destination Chargers

On TMC, user Russell asked:

Since Tesla’s database is not up to date and Plugshare info is constantly being deleted, can accept Destination Charger entries? Just the Desti chargers at Superchargers would be nice.

I don’t think it would be a good idea, nor a worthwhile use of site/editor energy, to keep track of ALL Destination Chargers. There’s a reason Plugshare and Tesla’s map exist and doesn’t need to try and duplicate those resources. But I thought it would be a reasonable thing to have at least a Yes/No as an added datum on a supercharger’s flag as is currently done for Solar Canopies and Battery Storage at superchargers with those features. So, could the presence of co-located Destination Chargers be added to the info tracked for supercharger locations?

Another possibility would be to list the number of co-located Destination Chargers instead of just Yes/No as that number would also likely be of interest. However, that will also mean more work which may not be entirely worth it; users interested in the details can just go to Plugshare to find them. However, it probably would be a “nice to have” thing if the idea to track this data gets approved/added.

Some concerns I could see to doing this would be a need to define what counts as “co-located” and what counts as “Destination Charger” for’s purposes–e.g. if the L2 stations are in a different part of the parking lot/garage and not right next to the superchargers are they “co-located”? Do the Chargepoint L2 stations that Tesla often installs next to superchargers that are hosted by Target stores count or does the hardware have to be a Tesla Wall Connector? Also, does adding another line to the supercharger flag start to overwhelm the user with data or take up too much screen space?

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