Add "planned" Superchargers...

…e.g. those on Tesla’s official map which are planned for the future. Perhaps it should be unchecked / not visible by default, but would be nice if all Superchargers (even planned) were accounted for here at!

Good idea - but there is a problem with where to place the symbol. Tesla’s official map is deliberately not accurate. They are just placed within some miles of possible locations. Some are even placed out in the sea! If we place them we would either have to place them exactly where Tesla has placed them or make a guess - both options would just lead to endless discussions and allegations. I think we should not do it.

An alternative where we place a larger “foggy area” to indicate that a charger will come somewhere near might work where there are no other future location nearby. In cases around major cities this would just turn into a big cloud…

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I’d say just use the location Tesla is using, but again don’t show these ones by default, and make it clear that they are “officially rumored” and the location is not exact.

I could also see adding a pin with a ~5 mile radius (or something) circle around it, shaded in (as you suggest).

Either way, It’d be great to just have one place to stop to get all the Supercharger info we need.

Why bother? If you want to see a map including all the “planned” sites then just go to Tesla’s. If you want just a few specific planned spots to use with this site’s other features then you can put in your own custom markers in those locations (right click on map). But mixing the exact, known locations and the vague, “planned” locality pins is a great recipe for confusing the heck out of people. This can be very readily seen by looking through innumerable threads at TMC where people post mistaken/misleading information about future locations due to this exact fact and then have to be constantly corrected on how the map behaves. It’s just asking for trouble without, IMO, really providing much, if any, benefit.


I also think “planned” category would make sense, but not as a copy of the Tesla planning data. I would like it more for sophisticated rumors for actual positions. For example there is an article in a newspaper about a new truck-stop that will be build in 2019 at a certain place. The article mentions that there will be a Tesla-Supercharger on that truckstop. I will not add that site as a permit-site, but I would like to add is as a planned site.

Yes, I vote for having a list of planned superchargers, as well. There are ones listed on the Tesla website that were scheduled for construction in 2018 but never got built. It would be nice to have some sort of data or update. Thank you.

I would vote “no” on pins for planned superchargers. There isn’t necessarily a very good correlation between Tesla’s plans and what they end up doing so I don’t think it really adds alot of value to post them. Then there is the inevitable recurring confusion seen often at the TMC forum where people think the planned pin location pins are accurate.