400v / 800v+ filter

Since Tesla has been opening up the Supercharger network to other car brands, a growing amount of cars with 800 volts charging capability uses the Tesla Superchargers. For example: Hyundai, Kia EV’s as well as Porsche, Audi GT, BYD and XPeng cars. Those cars all have an 800v pack and I see more of those on the road every day. Automakers are increasingly switching to 800v or higher packs, even Tesla with its upcoming Cybertruck.

Charging with such car at a v3 (or older) 400v Tesla Supercharger, provides only a slow charging experience to those cars. Often well under 100 kW.

The v4 Tesla superchargers are able to provide up to 1000v charging output.
It will be a huge improvement for all those 800v cars to use a v4 Supercharger.

Would supercharge.info be able to add a filter on voltage? (400v / 800+v ).
It is a better differentiator than kW, since kW performance depends on the voltage levels of the car and charger.

Adding a voltage filter to the filter function will greatly help all 800v car drivers and attract many new visitors to this website.