150 kw sites

The following according to the tesla navigation should all be 150kw chargers

Kingsland, GA
Tesla Supercharger, 6 stalls, 150kw
Kingsland Welcome Center 1190 East Boone Ave, Kingsland

Orlando - W. Sand Lake Rd, FL [Tesla]
Celebration, FL [Tesla]

Operated by Tesla

Tesla Supercharger, 8 stalls, 150kw

6240 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee

I actually came here to ask how to report/confirm 150kW chargers. I noticed that Lee, Massachusetts is not listed as having any kW rating. Today I took a photo of charging at 127kW at Lee, MA (last week I also charged at higher than 120kW). Is charging at higher than 120kW enough to confirm a 150kW supercharger? Or do I need to go read the backs of the electric equipment somewhere? (Re-reading the original post, I did forget to check the Tesla Navigation; doing that now)

yeah im not sure myself just trying to help out but there is a few i noticed that were 150 and still showing up as 120

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I think so. There was a handful of original chargers (v1) that were 135kW at one time, but I believe these have all been replaced by 145kW chargers (v2, effectively 150kW). Not only that but from what I’ve heard the only bottleneck/aspect that needs an upgrade to enable full charging speed is individual supercharger stalls themselves (specifically the cable that plugs into your car). Once these have been replaced, the hardware limit changes from 120kW to 150kW. So being able to charge at something higher than 120kW warrants as enough evidence it’s been upgraded.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d guess information from the Tesla nav is also enough reason to bump the power rating to 150kW and if you see any upgrades not listed on supercharge.info, you’re free to post them here.

ok so this is the correct way to do this then just make a post when I notice the 150?

I think the list of V2 Superchargers that are now actually 145kW or 150kW is VERY long. Tesla’s previous announcements on the subject back in March-April 2019 suggested that all V2 superchargers would get the faster rates.

Last weekend I charge my Model 3 LR at a max rate of 145kW at the Walker, MI Supercharger and 133kW at the Big Rapids Supercharger, but both of these show up as “120kW” stations both on Supercharge.info and on Tesla.com.

yes the reason I wanted to upgrade is to help sites that use this like a abetterrouteplanner.com is there an easy way to do this or do I continue this thread?

Probably a comment here is the best way.

In North America:

  • New superchargers are generally listed without a speed if it isn’t obvious if they are 72 kW, 150 kW or 250 kW.
  • Once it becomes obvious, either through permit diagrams or photos, they’ll be updated. (editors might not notice straight away so feel free to leave a message here or in the relevant TMC thread)
  • Old sites that are listed as 120 kW are changed to 150 kW when it is confirmed that they are capable. The map on Tesla’s website is still not updated and reports 120 kW, but the in car navigation system labels most of them as 150 kW. That means that someone needs to scroll through the car map and check them, then update here. Note that some of the older ones are still 120 kW (less than 5% of them, I think), so we can’t just do a bulk “find and replace”.

Outside North America:

  • There’s no such thing as urban superchargers, and (as yet) no such thing as V3 superchargers. Also, I haven’t seen a report of any superchargers being upgraded to 150 kW. So I (personally) enter all non-North American ones as 120 kW.
  • Why the difference? Some guesses: Urban superchargers don’t have space for two cables so we’ll probably never see those. V3 is announced as coming to other continents so we will probably see them after they’ve got a bit more experience building the sites. As to why there haven’t been any 150 kW upgrades, no idea!

ok so can we update these or tell me the process in doing so?

I went through the entire US and Canada west of the Mississippi River and updated everything. I recommend choosing a state and then checking every supercharger in the nav system and then just note anything that is still 120 kW. Then you can report here that “every non-urban supercharger in (the state checked) is 150 kW except for X, Y, and Z”. Any supercharge.info editor can then make the changes so the site shows the updated power rating.

how does one become an editor? or do I keep posting? were these updated?

just checked thanks for doing this!