Waterford Lakes - Orlando, FL Supercharger Under Construction

At least 12 stalls are under construction in the Waterford Lakes shopping plaza in Orlando, FL. The address is near 435 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828. Thread available with pics in Tesla Florida Facebook Group.


This is great! I practically grew up on Alafaya Trail and visit often…Is this far enough along to have a TMC thread yet?

There is one already.

I drove through the Waterford Lakes Town Center lot out back at Waterford Lakes Pkwy this morning. The debris from vandals has been cleaned up. One supercharger cover had been on the ground a few days ago and the back panel from a different supercharger had been laying on the ground as well. Both are back on their respective charge stations. Landscapers were installing new sod and everything appears ready to go, but I was in my truck and not my wife’s S and was unable to check the operation of any charger. They were not working last week.

By vandals? I think they were cleaning up site.

The site has been cleaned up. However, last week when I checked there were the two previously mentioned items laying randomly on the dirt when all of the other chargers appeared undisturbed. Now, all seems ready to go.

This supercharger is open now. It is listed as Orlando,Fl North Alafaya Trail in the Tesla Supercharger network

This supercharger is offline for a while as they do construction nearby. The chargers are still there but are powered off and completely inaccessible due to the construction.