Superior, Arizona Supercharger

This message was posted on Superior Chamber of Commerce Facebook page June 1 2019:
“The Town has received a grant to install four Tesla Charging Stations at the front of the food court. The work has begun but is on hold while the building permit is modified. It should be complete by the end of next week, and Tesla owners can come to plug in and eat at our restaurants and shop at our stores while their car charges.”
There is no information as to whether these will be Superchargers or Destination Chargers. Tesla’s website still has Globe as a planned Supercharger city. I’m sure they would not put SC in both locations since they are only about 25 miles apart. Does anybody know for sure? I was hoping for Globe SC.

This sounds like a destination charger to me. Also the fact that it is only 4. I think they do not install less than 8 or 12 superchargers in one place now. I would not add this as a supercharger destination until there is proof (like a building permit where it says supercharger or shows placement of stalls and chargers, etc… or actual construction)

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There are still 4-stall sites being built in Australia, but agree with @andre here.

Photo from PlugShare