Superchargers with Magic Dock installed

I’m a long time lurker, but thought I’d post on this one. People are now finding superchargers with the Magic Dock (CCS adapters) being installed, though not activated for use yet.

Are there plans on adding this new capability to the super chargers on the map/list here as a new parameter/filter?

Example site I found tracking them so far -

Example supercharger with it noted as being added - Supercharger - Verona, NY | Tesla Motors Club

Hi, we are working on adding support for the Magic Dock, as well as multi connectors used in other countries, and we hope to have this functionality released soon. We’ll make an announcement on the @superchargeinfo Twitter account when it’s available.


Awesome to hear, I love this site, btw!

As I’m also sure you’re aware, the few Magic dock locations have gone live as of last night :wink:

Scratch that, just saw your twitter and you’re aware, lol


Hope this will show up in the data table too.