Supercharger Bremen, Germany no CCS

Hey, just went to this supercharger on our europe tour just to find out it hadnt been upgraded to CCS for model 3 yet, had to make a loooong detour. Abetterrouteplanner has this one marked as elligable for Model 3 wich is not true yet. Please make the changes accordingly so that someone doesnt rely on this staion as a life saver.

I mean, I get the annoyance when one’s plans get disrupted due to bad information. But why the “loooong” detour? It’s not like there aren’t other, non-Tesla, CCS chargers in the area. In fact, Plugshare shows that there are 3 CCS chargers within 0.5 km of the Bremen Supercharger station. They may be slower than the Supercharger CCS, so you might end up a bit delayed due to that. Again, an inconvenience. But under no circumstances should someone be stranded just because the Bremen SuC doesn’t have CCS connectors yet. That’s the advantage of having CCS capability on the Model 3. You aren’t restricted to Superchargers for fast charging.

Also, as a more topical note about your specific request, doesn’t yet make any distinction or provide any information about which superchargers have CCS plugs (and therefore support Model 3 charging in Europe) or how many and which ones don’t at all. It’s something that has been recommended and requested multiple times, and hopefully will be integrated before too long, but unfortunately is not currently a feature of the site. I’m not sure what connection there is with ABetterRoutePlanner. Are they sourcing their supercharger location info from this site instead of Tesla?

Thanks for your insight, we planned the trip having free supuercharger from Tesla, so we kind of relied on Tesla to get us to our destination asap and keep the costs down. Of course we would not have been stranded but still, like you say, an inconvenience.
Abetterrouteplanner liked the “edit charger info” to this site and just tried beeing a good community contributor, sharing ny experiance.

Dono where they get the accutual data from but you can select the type of car you have and the chargers get filtered based on that fact.

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I have to say that in Germany, as a foreigner, it’s almost impossible to charge on anything but Supercharger. If it’s not free, you need all kind of silly RFID card or something only available to local people (and costly).

That said, you shouldn’t see that station in your car info system so you shouldn’t be surprised. (M3 only show compatible station)

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The error was on your side. In ABRP you have to not only select Model 3 but also select Tesla CCS and de-select Superchargers in the settings. After that ABRP will not plan routes including the Supercharger at Stuhr/Bremen Brinkum.

As already explained does not provide data about CCS stalls. ABRP uses data from this google-sheet for infos about CCS Superchargers:

Adding CCS to does almost make no sense anymore. Before long all sites will be updated to CCS. Maybe if Keith (the owner and admin of would get more financial support from the community, he would be more willing to add new features.


Thank you for pointing out my error, i thought choosing model 3 in ABRP would filter out type 2 since i can’t charge with it, even thought that was obvious tbh.
Sorry for trying to help out :frowning:

Except the way the site has you choose the vehicle probably doesn’t make any distinction between North American Model 3s–which use the “normal” supercharger connector–and European Model 3s–which use CCS connectors only. So, there’s no automatic filter of which type of supercharger connections are acceptable. Hence, you’ve still got to manually toggle that setting.

No one is criticizing you for trying to make a contribution to better community info and trying to keep others from the same frustration and inconvenience you experienced. We’re just trying to point out where you went wrong:

  1. (IMO, unfortunately) doesn’t yet provide any information on CCS availability at European superchargers at all. As such, there’s no database entry for the editors on this site to update or change to try to prevent a reoccurrence of a Model 3 accidentally being caught out at Bremen. ABRP may use’s database for GPS location or total number of stalls information, but they clearly don’t for CCS availability and numbers because the database here doesn’t include entries for those. Your request that they try to fix it was just misplaced.

  2. This site isn’t connected to ABRP except, I guess, as a source of some raw data, not including CCS info. So, the data editors here have no way to help with making the operation of ABRP less prone to user error. Maybe when selecting the Model 3, ABRP should force a choice between European or US version even before the user chooses which battery size? This would then let them automatically set which type of superchargers were available to use without relying on the user. But, you’ll need to contact ABRP to get something done about this issue. I recommend doing so through ABRP’s forum or contacting the administrator, Bo (email: or Twitter: @RouteBetter).