Sallent, Spain - future SuC

Situated at the heart of Catalonia,where C16. (a north south axis motorway in Catalonia) crosses C25 (the east west axis motorway of Catalonia) is a very clever stop on the way to Andorra or just to enjoy a great restaurant and hotel, named “Mas de la Sala”, in the premises.

The coordinates of the SuC are N 41.789691° E 1.897909°

Here some pictures of my visit (Sunday, October the 9th 2022)

As I am still limited to one image per post, I put the first one here and subsequent pictures in successive messages.


Materials reay to be installed…

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The unmistakeable shape of Tesla Supercharger bases

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Even litter boxes are in “uniform” :rofl:

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A row of eight holes where the SuCs will be placed, there is another one opposite to this with eight more stand, a total of sixteen supercharger will be available, still a “secret” what generation of supercharges will occupy the stands…

Let’s suppose that you are travelling from Barcelona (or somewhere around) to Andorra via the Cadí Tunnel, this is how you can get to the Sallent Superchrger site…

See the northbound video.

…or the same route but opposite sense…

See the Southbound video.

Hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Do you remember the October 2022 pictures…?
Well, the building site looks “abandoned” :anguished: and the new “target opening” is…

Q1 2024…!!! :broken_heart:

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New pictures sent today by user of Club Tesla Spain.

Looks like there is still way to go.

I think these are no Supercharger Foundations

Looks like ABB or Tritium