Possible V3 in Forlì, Italy

Work is currently in progress and, according to the signs, should be over by the end of March.
Should be either 20 or 22 stalls, probably 20. Most importantly, there are only 5 cabinet stalls as of now, and the cabling suggest that they may be V3 superchargers (V2 cabinets are smaller, should be 10 instead of 5 and have cables coming in them in a different way).
Note: pictures and forum posts are not mine.

Link with pictures: https://www.forumelettrico.it/forum/colonnine-ionity-ultra-fast-forli-fc-piazzale-della-cooperazione-2-t8914-10.html?sid=e78253d7a6a2a2f1646adb09d9b6115e&sid=e78253d7a6a2a2f1646adb09d9b6115e

Coordinates: 44.242911,12.081824


I can confirm too…it really seems a V3 with 5 cabinets bases and 20 stalls bases.
Here is the exact position

Segnaposto inserito
Vicino a Piazzale della Cooperazione, 4, 47122 Forlì FC


If it’s 1 cabinet for 4 stalls, it is definitely a V3. Thanks!

Little update: as of today, 4 stalls are installed and they already appear to be functioning (one user tested one stall, and it delivered 250kW from 10% to 25%, as expected). The rest of the stalls may apparently be installed in the future, depending on demand of the current 4 stalls.