North East Louisville construction?

Does this look like early supercharger construction?
Meijers off 265 near 71 on 1447 (Westport road)

There’s a lot tubes: maybe…

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Called the company-receptionist is finding out what the project is


Whenever you’re ready

Ha-she had to check
It’s electrical work but nothing said Tesla or Supercharger
It’s in the back of the lot like Cincinnati (nothing else is back there that’s Electrical) -I’ll ask the Meijers manager soon to see what they know.
It’s a definite possibility given the Tesla/Meijers association in certain areas


I found likely confirmation of this being for a supercharger in a building permit for the equipment fence construction. I posted a link to the permit on TMC when someone started a thread there: East Louisville Supercharger

Good job on the spotting!

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Just looked at the other site and that permit!

That’s exciting and a good location:-)