New superchargers in Norway

Liertoppen is now under construction. Fresh updates posted at irregular intervals both at the Tesla Owners Club Norway Facebook page and at elbilforum (electric car forum) at this link:

Both sites in Norwegian language. Currently there are 4 sites under construction in Norway:

Everyone hope these will be ready for the Christmas traffic, but progress lately seems to be slow. I guess Skei will be first to open for charging. Winter has arrived hard and early in Norway this year. Usually we do not get any “real winter” before Christmas time. The new sites add capacity and minor improvements on routes. No significant new areas of Norway possible on superchargers only as a result of these chargers. We are still hoping Tesla will see the benefit of adding a few in the far north of Norway to enable travel to Nordkapp (North Cape) by superchargers.

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Volda Norway seems to be under construction

Just checked a little. There is construction going on at the site. But it is not a supercharger as far as I have been able to check via local people. I do not know who entered this one into

I did. I saw that someone had added this location on PlugShare maybe its only in permitting?

Sorry. Indications is that this is not a supercharger. Probably some other charge provider.

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Last info from local source is that this is an upgrade of the CCS/ChaDeMo charger outside the local KIWI store. - Not a Tesla supercharger.

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