New supercharger in Ballentine, South Carolina

I’ve heard that there’s a new supercharger being installed in Ballentine, SC right off I-26. The picture I saw showed that it’s full constructed, just waiting on it to be turned on. I’ll try to get an address. If this is real it will be fantastic as there are no superchargers directly on I-26 from Charleston all the way to Asheville.

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I think I figured it out. Someone misspelled Ballantyne (as in the mall) as Ballentine. So when they posted Ballentine SC it got interpreted as Ballentine, South Carolina. Instead I believe they were referring to the Ballantyne SuperCharger. If there really is one going up on I-26 somewhere in SC that would be great, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s happening (yet).

Could you post the photo you saw? That way so we could verify if you are talking about the South Charlotte - Ballantyne Supercharger or the Ballentine Supercharger… and an address if possible

Unfortunately, that looks like the Charlotte Ballantyne location. To discuss

Yep, that’s what I thought. I’ll have to break the hearts of our local Charleston folks. Thanks for confirming.

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