New site in Jackman, Maine

I think you might have missed one! I have been awaiting a supercharger coming to northern Maine to make a trip to Quebec more feasible. I believe there is a new Supercharger in Jackman, Maine . I received word from the Jackman Moose River Chamber of Commerce that “Trailside convenience store located on the left just over the tracks heading north has installed 4 of them.” I’ve asked for a photo to verify this, but their location would be at the Trailside One Stop located at coordinates 45.624071, -70.252010. (and I think they meant to say on the right, not the left!).


Hmm, nothing on Tesla’s map, nothing on Plugshare… 4 stalls… I was about to suggest that someone might be mistaken but… nope, here it is!

Not sure if live yet, probably not by the witches hat, so I’ll set it as “construction” for now.

Now added. Great find @scottcowger1!

Curious - how can this site be active, yet neither or Plugshare show it? It’s over a month since the previous posts.