Finally Türkiye get SuperCharger

Finaly Today we see new for opening dates for the SuperCharger in

Ankara - Q2/22
Hendek D100 - Q2/22
Hendek Highway O4 - Q2/22
Istanbul - Q2/22

Balıkesir - Q3/22
Soma - Q3/22

Edirne ?
Antalya ?
Izmir ?
Konya ?
Afyon ?


Welcome! Exciting times for Tesla Türkiye! Thanks for the notice. These locations won’t get added to the map on this site until there’s some verified information on exactly where they are going to be built. So, if you learn of anything like that, be sure to let us know!


No official comments.

Official onyl this.

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Here an Overwiew of the Supercharger , opening is postponed.
(origin tesla. com)

Supercharger TR 2022-05_wm


new probable location discovered

Highway Susurluk O-178

Google Maps coordinates :
39,9238594, 28,1320354
W4FJ+GRV Susurluk, Balıkesir, Türkei


2. Charge Point Spottet Today

new location spoted in Ankara at a Park Area of a Mall.

the Location ist here

39°56’58.6"N 32°49’58.2"E

39.949623, 32.832834

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Last night I visited this location. There was absolutely no sign of a supercharger or any other ev charger construction work. These pictures might show a preparation for a landscaping work, as the parking lot looked way more green and floral than these pictures suggest.

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