Filter by states for US

Currently there are dropdowns for region and country. Would be great to have a third dropdown for States if North America/USA is selected.

Ditto would love it if the RSS feed could be filtered by the same.


+1 this would be greatly appreciated. No offense, but I don’t really care (at the moment) about new superchargers 6 states away from me.

This would be a welcome addition.

The vast numbers of sites is in the US is huge and having a way of separating the apart will be great.

This is what the Electrify America clone of this site does so maybe we could get a look at their code and modify ours to do this without too much extra work.

All that said there is not many developers or time to do much here so I expect it will be a while.

What I’d really like to do is build out a notification feature so that you can get more fine-grain updates delivered to an inbox either via the website, email or apps that support our site. The idea is you’d pick one or more locations on the map and choose how far away you’d like to be notified for changes within that range. Then you can easily find exactly what you want, and for people in smaller states (like Massachusetts), larger states (like California), or with regular travel routes (like family in the next state), this would probably be appreciated. This is just an idea that I’ve had in my mind though, based on this: Email notification for site changes. · Issue #6 · supercharge-info/ · GitHub


That’s a brilliant idea!

If we implement state-level filtering, it might be nice to support multi-selection. While I regularly look at updates all over the country, it would be great to filter down change lists to a standard subset of states. If not a user-selectable set of states, perhaps a primary state and all abutting states as one possible pre-defined filtering optoin.

I was unaware of this ( offshoot - nice.

I’ve thinking about this upgrade for a long time and was very happy to see that I am not the only one. There are so many chargers in the US and we are such a large country, a state breakdown would be a terrific addition to this site