Emporia, KS and Olathe, KS

Both of these locations are listed on Tesla’s site as “(coming soon)”. However, they are not on this site. Does anyone have any information on these superchargers?

There are threads on TMC for both:

According to the linked-to thread on Emporia there is nothing there yet.
Olathe has new pictures, it could be a supercharger or something similar. No sure signs on the pictures. One pic shows a large trafo or charger - but different from the usual. Could this be a different charging station? i.e. not Tesla?

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I thought the same. I asked the question on TMC and got lots of good answers as to why this would be a SC vs an EA station or something else. Now added :slight_smile:

I think that’s part of the switchgear. It looks just like what Tesla often uses, but only a single section of it instead of the full 3.