Czech Republic, Brno, new superchargers built. Still not on map.

Hi, just 2 new SC are currently built in Brno, Czech Republic, Olympia shopping centre, Humanic entrance. But still not on map.

Olympia Brno
U Dálnice 777
664 42 Modřice!

77190834_2608521722709318_5770956373755953152_o|301x500 !


Added on the map! Could you give me an exact location on the map?

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Using Google Streetmaps the position was updated to: 49.138336, 16.630748

How many stalls (or foundations for stalls) did you see?

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Now, there are no foundations, only 2 stalls on the palette. This stalls are marked 3A and 3B, maybe there will be 6 stalls.

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