CCS stalls in Europe

A Better Route Planner (ABRP) is using the data of CCS stalls to calculate routes. See picture However this data is not updated. As far as I know all v2 stalls in Norway has both Standard Tesla connector and ccs connector. How should this be updated?

If the number of stalls or charging speed of the Tesla connector needs to be updated, I believe that data is sourced from here. But the CCS data wouldn’t come from here, it appears that it might be from this spreadsheet (by Ulric):

I don’t know how that data is updated, maybe someone here is familiar with that community. But it does look like there are several editors with that spreadsheet open, so I’m sure it’s continuing to be updated. If it’s anything like what does, then they probably attempt to have good data integrity and would want a picture for evidence before making an update.

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